Master Chef Spain contestant is eliminated on the spot for his dish “Lion eats Shrimp”

Spain is on their 3rd edition of the popular cooking show Master Chef, and last night something happened that was completely unprecedented. The panel of judges reviewing the contestant’s dishes expulsed Alberto (a contestant) on the spot, without deliberating, for an apparent offense.

In high class cooking, plating is a very important part of the cooking process. As such, the message a plate conveys is as important as the flavor it contains. When the judges told Alberto in a previous episode that he had to be a lion in the kitchen, he used that comment as his inspiration for the dish during the elimination match.

He cooked a tomato and strawberry gazpacho, over which he placed a boiled potato with two shrimps surrounding it. The potato was supposed to represent a lion’s head, and had saffron whiskers. He wanted to portray the plate as a representation of what he was; a lion eating shrimp, in a humorous manner that he was sure would win over the judges and secure his spot on the show.

However, the judges were far from amused, even less so when they examined the plate and found the potato was severely undercooked. After fiercely criticizing him, they skipped over the regular order of judging and eliminated him on the spot for the insult to their intelligence.


What would you do if you were one of the judges of the contest? Would you have eliminated him? Why?

If you were the contestant would you report the jury to the authorities for having humiliated you in front of millions of viewers?

If you were the President of the National Television, would you stop this kind of programs?











It has become taboo for a man to compliment a female colleague’s appearance for fear of being called sexist. The reverse is also true: women fear complimenting men in case it is misjudged as a sexual advance.

Last April, Barack Obama was forced to issue an apology to his friend and colleague Kamala Harris after introducing her as brilliant, dedicated, tough and “by far the best looking attorney general (public prosecutor) in the country”. The argument that Obama was somehow snubbing (to insult (someone) deliberately) Harris by complimenting her looks is an odd one. She is someone he respects on a personal and professional level, so why shouldn’t he say a nice thing about her without facing accusations of sexism? Would the same thing have occurred if Harris had described Obama as suave ((esp of a man) displaying smoothness and sophistication in manner or attitude; urbane) and handsome?  The problem is that women have long suffered judgment on their appearances alone. We have become hypersensitive to being seen as sex objects. Modern men, in turn, have become paranoid about making us feel this way. Giving us a compliment, however harmless, is too much of a risk: they may end up insulting us or, worse, finding themselves brought before the HR( human resources) department for an awkward conversation.

If you were the Minister for Equality, would you forbid this kind of compliments? Would you consider flirtatious remarks as insults?

If you were a woman would you fight to stop these comments? Would you consider them a sign of discrimination, bad taste and machismo?

If you are a woman how do you feel if you are said this kind of remarks while walking along the street?





Former IMF boss Rodrigo Rato accused of concealing 27 million euro fortune

Rodrigo Rato accused of concealing funds through front firms in relative’s names

Rodrigo Rato, the former minister and IMF managing director who was briefly placed under arrest last Thursday, is reported to have amassed a personal fortune of at least €27 million (£19.5 million), including dozens of companies and a 44 per cent share of a luxury hotel in Berlin.

Mr Rato, who was economy minister in Spain’s Popular Party (PP) governments between 1996 and 2004 before a three-year stint (time period) as IMF chief, is being investigated on suspicion of concealing his wealth and tax evasion.

According to information leaked to the Spanish media by court sources, Mr Rato used a web of companies and over 70 bank accounts.

The systems were created to avoid paying tax and having funds embargoed as a result of his implication in separate criminal cases, related to his time as director at Bankia, the bank of which he was director for two years until it had to be nationalised. It was eventually bailed out in 2012, to the tune of €22 billion.

What would you do with these people who have being laundering money (to disguise the source of (illegal or secret funds or profits), as by sending through a foreign bank)?

Would you ask these people to give back the money they have stolen or would you just send them to prison?

 Rodrigo Rato was responsible for selling preferred stocks (preferentes) to retired, illiterate people. He is also involved in the “black” card credit (tarjetas black) scandal; he took advantage of the tax amnesty approved by the government in 2012. He was one of the defenders of all kinds of cuts to overcome the crisis in Spain. What would you do if you were one of the judges in this case?

How would you feel if you were one of the retired people who have been ripped off by the sale of preferred stocks? What would you do? (These people have invested all their life savings in preferred stocks and they were ripped off and now they are fighting to get the money back)

If you were part of the Government what would you do to prevent this kind of situations from happening again?




Germanwings Flight 9525

Germanwings Flight 9525 was a scheduled international passenger flight from Barcelona–El Prat Airport in Spain to Düsseldorf Airport in Germany, operated by Germanwings, a low-cost airline owned by Lufthansa.

On 24 March 2015, the aircraft, crashed 100 kilometres northwest of Nice, in the French Alps, after a constant descent that began one minute after the last routine contact with air traffic control and shortly after the aircraft had reached its assigned cruise altitude. All 144 passengers and six crew members were killed.

The co-pilot Andreas Lubitz allegedly crashed the plane deliberately as a result of his suicidal tendencies, for which he had previously been treated for. During the flight, he may have the captain out of the cockpit before initiating a descent that caused the plane to crash into a mountain.

In response to the incident and the circumstances of Lubitz’s involvement, aviation authorities in Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and Australia implemented new regulations that require two authorized personnel to be present in the cockpit at all times.


Some media have informed that the airline knew the copilot suffered from depression, if you had been one of the victims’ relatives, would you have sued Germanwings?

If there are two pilots in the cockpit, will air travel be safer?

If you were the manager of an airline what other measures would you take to improve safety?

If you were one of the victim´s relatives how would you feel knowing the real cause of the accident? Could you find any comfort knowing the truth?










Lampedusa migrant boat capsizes

Hundreds of terrified migrants drowned on board a smuggler boat because they were locked in the ship’s hold when it capsized, a survivor revealed today.

More than 900 people – including 200 women and up to 50 children – are feared dead after the boat overturned in one of the worst maritime disasters since the end of World War Two.

The tragedy took place about 120 miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa last Monday, April 20th. It is believed the vessel flipped when migrants rushed to one side of the overcrowded boat in a desperate bid to be rescued after sighting a merchant ship. This tragedy comes just days after another shipwreck in the area claimed 400 lives.

The grim death toll among those seeking refuge in Europe from Libya and elsewhere in this year alone is now more than 1,500.

Do you think that if immigration policies in European countries were less hostile, less people would risk their lives this way?

The UK argued that if they continue search and rescue operations that will encourage more illegal immigrants to attempt the treacherous crossing. Do you agree?

Some politicians think that if marine patrols control the sea traffic in order to arrest smugglers, this problem will be solved. Do you agree?

If you had been born in a poor country in Africa, would you have tried to reach Europe on a boat?









Boy armed with crossbow kills teacher in Barcelona

Thirteen-year-old kills teacher and wounds three others at secondary school in La Sagrera neighbourhood in north of the city.

The incident happened at 9.15am on Monday, 20th April at the Joan Fuster secondary school in La Sagrera, a district in the north of the city.

Witnesses said the boy arrived late for school and that, when a female teacher opened the door, he fired the crossbow at her face. The boy, who was dressed in camouflage gear, is then said to have fired at the teacher’s daughter, a student in the class. Hearing the cries, another teacher reportedly rushed to the scene and was trying to protect his colleague when the boy attacked him. He fell to the ground and died. The man was a supply teacher covering for a social sciences teacher’s absence and had been at the school for little more than a week.

Witnesses said the boy then went to another classroom where he threatened a second-year pupil with a knife. Shortly afterwards the gym teacher found him in the corridor where he was preparing a petrol bomb. “I hear voices; I want to stop all the voices,” the boy is reported to have said. The gym teacher, who was aware the boy had been having personal difficulties, tried to calm him until the police arrived.

The boy has been arrested but, as he is 13, he will not face criminal charges. In Spain, the age of criminal responsibility is 18, although in some cases younger people may be held criminally responsible for their actions.

According to some opinions if teachers had paid more attention to the boy’s problems, he wouldn’t have committed this crime. Do you agree?

Some people think that if TV series, movies and videogames weren’t so violent, society and especially young people wouldn’t be so aggressive. What do you think?

If you were the principal of a high school which activities would you promote to avoid violent behaviour?

If there were psychologists to help students with their problems, would situations like this be avoided? 


Government unaware of how much fuel has leaked from Canaries wreck

Two weeks after the start of a crisis involving the Oleg Naydenov Russian trawler – which caught fire and was towed off the coast of the Canary Islands, where it sank – and there is still no end in sight. The Spanish government does not know the amount of fuel oil that has so far seeped out from the tanks of the boat, which was carrying more than 1,400 tons in total, but which is now resting on the sea bed at a depth of 2,710 meters, 24 kilometers off the coast of Gran Canaria.

The secretary of state for the Public Works Ministry, Julio Gómez Pomar, admitted on Sunday that fuel oil is still leaking from the fishing boat, adding that it is very hard to work out the amount that is already in the sea. Gómez explained that, since the beginning of the crisis, just 400 kilos of hydrocarbons have been recovered. The main job for the coastguard ships that are in the area so far is to disperse the slicks that are threatening to wash up on the coast of the islands. The alarm was raised on Saturday, when the Canarian government announced that an oil slick was located just a few miles of the south of Tenerife, only to later rectify that news. Since then, the secretary of state has explained that, until now, no fuel oil has been spotted in that area. News of that “false alarm” was also confirmed by the Canarian economy, tax and security chief, Javier González.

If you had been Paulino Rivero what would you have done to avoid this environmental catastrophe?

If you were a dolphin of those affected by the oil leak how would you react?

If you could volunteer and go to Gran Canaria to help cleaning up the coast would you go? why?







Spanish state broadcaster TVE accused of political bias

For more than 50 years millions of Spaniards have sat down each night to watch the Telediario, the flagship news programme of state broadcaster TVE. In recent months, however, the channel has not just been reporting the news — but making it as well.

TVE and its news programmes stand accused of favouring the government of Mariano Rajoy and his ruling Popular party, while sidelining opposition voices.

The channel’s own journalists have grown so concerned about political interference that they sent a delegation to Brussels this month to make a formal complaint to the European parliament. In a seven-page document, they describe TVE as a “propaganda instrument in the service of the government” — and chronicle a series of alleged journalistic lapses and manipulations.

With regional elections only a month away and a general election at the end of the year, Spain’s national broadcaster has turned into a crucial political battlefield.

If you were responsible for the national television what kind of programmes would you include? Why?

Now you are the President, If you want a national television but you don´t want to put public money from taxes on it, what will you do to get the money?

If you had any kind of power, would you make these public channels (TVG, telecanarias etc..) disappear? Would you invest the money on other things? Why? Where would you invest the  money you have saved?




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